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How does it work?
We have simplified the process for you- just bring your current, up-to date 'signed' prescription. For single vision lenses, we stock 95% of prescriptions and can make your spectacles within 20 minutes! If you require varifocals or a complicated prescription outside our stock range (prism, high cylinder, high plus or minus), no problem. We will gladly order it in for you, and they should arrive within 7-10 working days. While it may be slightly pricier, it's still competitively priced compared to elsewhere.
Do you do varifocals?
Yes we do!! And we have recently just teamed up with Essilor premium varilux lenses to offer you digitally surfaced lenses at a fraction of the price you pay elsewhere. Please note, a varifocal is made specially for you, based on your prescription, it is not a stock lens, hence it takes a bit longer to make (7-10 days). 
How long does it take to make the glasses?
If we have the lenses, we will make them in 20 minutes! Our stock range goes from -6.00 to +5.00 and up to a 3.00 Cylinder, this includes thinner lenses for the higher prescriptions. 
Do you sell specs for under 16’s?
Unfortunately, we do not dispense to individuals under the age of 16. However, you are welcome to purchse the frame only and visit an NHS registered optician that accepts vouchers.
Do you sell on-line?
We want you to have the best experience at Pop Specs. At the moment, we don't sell online as you can't try them nor can we fit them for you. So why not pop by and let us help you instead?