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Two strangers who met at Uni and quickly became best friends. One sunny morning, an idea to create trendy, affordable, and instantly ready specs popped into Dan's mind and he told Lina about it. Knowing that Pop Specs could help people and change the way people buy prescription eyewear, Lina agreed to work on the venture. Dan's expertise in optics and Lina's ability to get the job done helped them to make Pop Specs a reality; a dream comes true. From then on, Pop Specs was born and its journey began.


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  • Dan is a very driven, energetic, and enthusiastic person with 20+ years of experience in the optical business. With his expertise in fitting glasses and styling advice, Dan always wants to make his clients happy, look good, and feel great about themselves.
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  • Lina is a passionate, caring, and organised person. She always goes above and beyond in doing her work and gets the job done timely. Her perseverance and consistency help to bring Pop Specs come to life. Her motto in life is nothing is impossible as the word itself says IM-POSSIBLE!!
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